Mike Adler speaks at Bisnow Los Angeles Annual Office Forum on April 6th

What the future of the workplace looks like remains to be seen, but current trends should stick around for awhile, Adler Realty Investments CEO Michael Adler tells us. Michael is among the all-star panelists scheduled to speak at Bisnow’s Los Angeles Annual Office Forum event April 6 at Hollywood 959.

Bisnow: How did you get started in the industry?

Michael Adler: I started my career as an MAI real estate appraiser specializing in commercial property valuation. During the downturn in the real estate market in the early 1990s, I realized rather than valuing property for other people, I should be buying property on my own account. Then invited other investors to participate with me as limited partners. I continued strategically acquiring, developing or adding value and selling properties, and building my portfolio ever since and making great returns on investments for both me and my investors.

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