Overland Court

955 Overland Court | San Dimas, CA

86,300 Square Foot Office Building


Date Purchased: November, 2005
Purchase Price: $9,540,000
Sale Price: $21,107,896
Sale Date: April, 2008
Holding Period: 29 months
Initial Investment: $2,665,280
Investor Proceeds from Sale: $5,159,348
Internal Rate of Return: 30.90%

Completed Business Plan

  • Purchased the 100% vacant property for $9,540,000
  • Immediately undertook a major renovation and remodeling project to make the alterations to multi-tenant the property
  • Leased 100% of the building to three tenants
  • Sold the property after 29 months for over $20,000,000 resulting in nearly double the investors original equity

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